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Uniquely bespoke, beautifully Personal.

We are the trusted specialists for creating beautifully personalised memorial cards.
We helps hundreds of customers each year bring their ideas
to life in creating a beautiful tribute to their loved ones. 

What can you put on a bespoke memorial card?

Generally speaking we can design any card you want. Most commonly what people want when they order a custom memorial card is to incorporate the use of a unique background or add additional photos of the deceased on to the card. A popular version of this is when people add multiple photos of the deceased from different stages throughout their life. 

So whether it is a favourite flower, place, artwork, hobby or memory we can incorporate it into the design of the card just how you wish. We can also incorporate any additional text or writing you may want on the card in the form of a poem, verse or story or a sample of handwriting such as a signature. 

Can I have a custom card size or paper?

We are more than happy to design the card to whatever print size you would like. Generally memorial cards are around size 105 x 140mm when opened but when more photos are added this tends to be a little small if verses and text also have to be incorporated. We always advise if a bigger size is recommended when you send us your requirements. 

We can also print your memorial cards on a specific paper type if required also. Our standard memorial cards are printed on 350gsm thick card and gloss laminated but we can also offer matt lamination and the option of having the cards not laminated & printed on a nice gloss, silk or uncoated card. 

The ordering process for custom cards

We try to keep the process as easy and streamlined as possible all while keeping you involved at every step. Any suggestions or idea throughout the process of designing the cards are very welcome. 

Give us the details

These are the basics, like the details of the deceased, photos and a general idea of what you'd like. If you have an preferred colours, layout or photo ideas let us know also - any details help!

We get to work

Once you supply us with the details and general idea of what you'd like the card to be we will then go to work on some design options for you to review for amendments.

You review before print

You give the last say before the cards are printed! Any changes, additions or amendments you would like made before print is no problem at all for us to do.

Custom Memorial Card cost

Want to know the best part? there is no extra cost!*

For design of a bespoke memorial card we do not apply an extra fee. Unlike a lot of print businesses that offer a graphic design service our fee is not hourly and there is no hidden costs. We also have no limit on the amount of revisions, changes or additions that you may want want to make.

The only additional cost that may be applicable on custom memorial cards is if you choose to have a custom card that is larger than our standard sizing or if you want a custom paper type. We are very competitive on pricing regarding this and  encourage you to get in touch with us for a quote if you would like custom sizing. 

How to order custom memorial cards?

There is a few ways that you can order custom memorial cards. The primary way would be to email all the details you would like on the card along with any photos. We also request that you give a description of the general design you would like.

We can also take orders for custom memorial cards through the post. Simply send us a all the information you would like on the card alongside photos and a description of what you would like. If sending by post we do request that you include necessary contact details and preferably an email address where we can send working proof to. 

Reminder of necessary information 

  • Name of the deceased
  • Address (if you would like on card)
  • Dates (date of birth, date of death & age at death) 
  • A main photograph or photographs you would like to use. 
  • Any other imagery you would like used
  • Poems, verses or any other wording you would like
  • A detailed description of he design you would like – if you are unsure we can help with this 
  • Any other additional information you may have 


*Custom design is only free of charge if you order cards with us. We are entitled to charge a fair hourly rate for design work carried out for abandoned orders that have had design work put into them. 

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