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We are Ireland’s leading specialists for custom memorial cards. We have helped thousands of customers create beautifully unique and personal bespoke memorial cards in memory of their loved ones. Let us know how we can help you!

Popular requests

Chances are if you want it we can do it

Although we do a wide range of custom design options there are some customisations that for memorial cards that are more common than others. For example a very high number of the cards we’d do would have a custom background that the customers has supplied us.

Custom Backgrounds

Add your own backgrounds

The background of a memorial card is quite a large part of the overall card design itself, it dictates the colour and feeling of the card and is very much a personal thing to each person’s preference. We try to keep our online range as varied as we can to suit as many people as possible but we know for a lot of customers the preference is to have a unique background included. 

Whether it’s your loved ones favourite place, a painting or a local scenic view we can add it onto the card for you. If you’d like to include more than one background too it’s usually no problem also. 


Extra photos

Tell a story with your images

Would you like to add in extra photos to your card design? No problem! Whether its multiple photos to create a story of a life, a photo from youth or just some extra favourite photos we can add them in exactly as you want. 

The majority of the custom designs we do have extra photos included on them so we’ve plenty of experience making your images work and tie in with any design. 

If images need to be edited, cropped or colour corrected we can look after this for you too!

Unique Layouts

It doesn't have to be standard

As memorial cards are quite a traditional thing they usually have a set format which a lot of companies stick with. For example for a folding memorial card you usually have the main information on the left along with a verse on the right and another verse on the back page. 

We know this isn’t to everyone’s taste and a lot would prefer things moved around or changed to better suit the overall design of the card. 

If you’d like a custom layout it’s no problem, we’re more than happy to discuss what options would best suit. 

What can I put on a custom memorial card?

Anything you'd like!

We can design any card you want! Whether it’s a custom cover photo, bespoke layout, unique size or extra photos anything you can imagine we can probably do (and probably have done in the past!) 

So whether it is a favourite flower, place, artwork, hobby or memory we can incorporate it into the design of the card just how you wish. We can also incorporate any additional text or writing you may want on the card in the form of a poem, verse or story or a sample of handwriting such as a signature. 

Let's talk Paper & finishes

Want something unique that stands out? We can help!

Paper makes print – literally! If you’d like a custom option as far as what paper the cards are printed on or how they are finished we have a number of options available to suit. 

The majority of our cards are printed on beautifully smooth 350gsm silk card but we also have the option on a number of uncoated and coated cards which are suit to suit your needs. 

We can also laminate in gloss and silk/matt too. 

Custom Memorial card Sizing

It doesn't have to be standard!

Want a size that’s a bit out of the norm, maybe a little bigger or smaller than our standard size? Or something totally unique altogether? Not to worry we have the flexibility to suit your requirements.  

We can design a memorial card size that suits what you want, most commonly our customers would like either a larger memorial card or a card that opens and folds in a different orientation than standard, all of which are no hassle for us to do. Unsure on what sizing would be best? We can advise based on what you need! 

The custom card process

We work with you to create what you want

We try to keep the process as easy and streamlined as possible all while keeping you involved at every step.
Any suggestions or idea throughout the process of designing the cards are very welcome. 

Let us know your ideas

The process for custom memorial cards always starts with your ideas. Let us know what you'd like and we will let you know the best options.

Send us the details & photos

To put together design samples for you we need the details and photos you'd like on the card. The best way to send these is by email.

Please if at all possible do not crop the photos you supply too closely to the face. This severely limits what we can do with the photos and usually results in us having to add more background in to the photo to make if workable.

We design and send you samples

Once we have all the details we can then design and send on some samples to get the ball rolling. Don't worry, this is a collaborative process and you can make as many changes and additions as needed.

The cards go to print

Once we have a final design we can go ahead and print your order. If you'd like a printed sample before we do a print run we can happily arrange this for you.

Custom Memorial Card Costs

We offer unmatched value

Memorial Card Pricelist

How much does design cost?

Good news - there's no extra charge!

For design of a bespoke memorial card we do not apply an extra fee. Unlike a lot of print businesses that offer a graphic design service our fee is not hourly and there is no hidden costs. We also have no limit on the amount of revisions, changes or additions that you may want want to make.

The only additional cost that may be applicable on custom memorial cards is if you choose to have a custom card that is larger than our standard sizing or if you want a custom paper type. We are very competitive on pricing regarding this and  encourage you to get in touch with us for a quote if you would like custom sizing. 

Bad news - we need a deposit before starting!

Unfortunately we deal with a large amount of design requests that we put design work and time into but never actually result in any order for us. It’s to the point that we either stop doing custom design altogether or start charging a deposit. So from 1st August 2023 we will require a €40 deposit before starting any design work. Don’t worry, this will be deducted off the total of your order. 

We do not start a sample design without a deposit first. 

Turnaround times for custom orders

As custom orders are bespoke to each customer our turnaround time varies for a design. If the design is straight forward we can have a design as soon as next day. If the design is more in-depth it could take up to a week. Our average design time for custom orders is around 3 days. 

We will give you a rough idea of how long it will take to get a design done and sent on to you when you send the details for the order through.

Custom designs are not given priority as they take much longer than our standard online orders. We always give preference to online orders first as those as they are the core part of our business. The same turnaround times don’t apply to custom designs as you see on the website for standard card orders.  

Realistic expectations for design design projects

As a business the bottom line is we need to make money, no business is around very long without making money. Design is something we offer at no cost to remain competitive with other companies offering the same service. The only difference is that most of these companies don’t operate at the same level as us or with the same overhead. With this in mind we cannot accept every design request that we receive. If you need a really complicated design that’s likely to take 3+ hours there’s a good chance we won’t make any money on that order. Likewise if you want only a small amount of cards but need hours of custom design work then it also wouldn’t make sense for us to do. 

We always make this clear before agreeing to take on any design work so everyone is on the same page.

How to order custom memorial cards

We try to keep the process as easy as possible

Send us an email

We now only accept custom card enquiries by email. Please contact us directly by email with your requirements or ideas for a custom memorial card we’d love to see if we can be of help to you. 

When sending the details and photos for the card please send each photo as attachments rather than as part of a word document. 

Email enquiries about custom cards can be sent directly to the main [email protected] email address. 

We require a deposit of €40 before starting any design. No exceptions can be made to this.

A helpful reminder

of what information is useful for us

It’s easier to create the card you’d like when we have all the information & details to help us. Below is a list of the main details that go into creating a custom memorial card. 

  • Name of the deceased
  • Address (if you would like on card)
  • Dates (date of birth, date of death & age at death) 
  • A main photograph or photographs you would like to use. (uncropped or cropped very little)
  • Any other imagery you would like used
  • Poems, verses or any other wording you would like
  • A detailed description of he design you would like – if you are unsure we can help with this 
  • Any other additional information you may have 
Please Note: When submitting wording & text please don’t submit them as photo’s of handwritten text. Please type it out in the email or send it in a word document. 
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