Would you like some samples?

Sometimes it is nice to see the quality of something before you commit to buying, especially with something as personal and sincere as a memorial card. We totally understand that which is why we offer to (and encourage if you’ve doubts) send you samples before you order from us. That way you can see the quality and finish of our cards and might even get a better idea of what you’d like on them. 

What we include in our sample packs

Each of our sample packs contain a sample of an acknowledgement card, folding memorial card, memorial bookmark & wallet card along with our information/order form. 

Most customers don’t use the order forms to order and rather choose to place the order either by email or online through our website but we still include them just incase. 

Let us know where you'd like us to send your samples

We aim to send out our sample packs as quick as we can, usually within 1-2 days of receiving your request.
If in the unlikely event you don’t receive samples within a week or two please let us know as they can sometimes go missing in the post. 

Update June 2022 **PLEASE NOTE** We are currently very busy so sample pack requests may be delayed by 3-4 days by the time they are sent out.

  • *Please note that sample packs are only available to be dispatched to Irish & UK Addresses

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