Why choose us for memorial cards

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Why choose us for Memorial Cards

With ever more choice for memorial print companies in Ireland we understand that it must be very difficult to decide which to trust with a task that for most people is very personal. Even since we started our business in 2017 we have noticed a marked increase in new websites popping up offering memorial cards in ireland, particularly existing print companies offering the service as an addon to their existing business. 

Now don’t get me wrong competition is a healthy and essential part of business, to me competition makes the great businesses stand out from the crowd and at the same times exposes any rogues who want to take advantage – and that applies to nearly all avenues of business. 

I suppose without trying aggrandize ourselves we would just like to tell you what we think makes us and the service we offer different to most memorial printing businesses operating here in Ireland.

You deal with a small dedicated team

Whether you are ordering a standard card from our website or getting custom card designed you don’t have to worry about having to deal with multiple people throughout the process. All orders are processed by myself (Gary) so we will both be on the same page at all times. 

Transparent & fair pricing

Although we aren’t the cheapest we are also far from the most expensive, we made our pricing fair for what we offer and hope to keep it that way forever more. All of our prices are displayed on our website on our pricing page, since 2017 we have only changed our pricing once (and that was to make our cards better value). 

Unlike nearly all of our competitors we don’t charge a penny for design or design alterations, we also don’t charge to edit photos or add additional photos.

We put a great deal of effort into quality

We put a lot of effort into ensuring our memorial cards are great quality, from printing to finishing if its not done properly they aren’t sent out. We also don’t go cheap on the envelopes we supply with our cards either. 

We specialise in memorial printing only

We deal exclusively with memorial printing and don’t offer any other type of print service. This firstly leaves us with a lot more time to put into service and also a lot more time to put into ensuring great quality. 

We stand behind our work

We offer a 100% quality guarantee, if for some reason you aren’t happy with the cards received we will reprint them with no questions asked. 

Quite honestly we would rather lose money on your order to make sure you are absolutely happy, we will always work in your favour and that is a promise. 

We are easy to get in touch with

We are available through our main business number & email during business hours. We are also available out of hours via email and whatsapp messenger should you have any questions or should there be any problems to deal with. 

Although we have no facilities for customers to meet with us face to face this is something we are working on and hope to have up and running later this year.

All enquiries by email are generally answered within an hour on weekdays and weekends also. As always if there is something you need help with or have any questions just let us know.  

We have great feedback

We have over one hundred 5 star reviews on Trustpilot and have received many hundreds of positive feedback emails from our customers. 

We care about our customers

Customers are the life in any business, without customers you do not have a business and it is really that simple. Since starting this business we have always been customer focused because we understand the nature of our business and how difficult a task it tends to be most families. We don’t push you to order, we don’t try to sell you anything extra and we don’t rush any of the process. 

We have an office you can call to

Unlike most online memorial card businesses in Ireland that operate either from home or from a virtual office we actually have a physical office where you can call in to visit or collect your cards. You are more than welcome to call in by appointment to discuss your memorial card requirements. 


Managing Director at Memorial Printworks Ltd
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