Wallet Memorial Cards

Memorial Wallet Cards

What are Memorial Wallet Cards?

Memorial wallet cards are an great alternate (or addition) to the standard folding memorial cards for those that would like to carry a little reminder on them everyday. Our memorial wallet cards are exactly the size of a standard credit or bank card measuring 85 x 55mm. This size is perfect for carrying in a wallet or purse as most have a space for a credit card.

Most wallet cards are portrait in orientation just like out memorial bookmarks & memorial cards, this allows the best utilisation of the space and allows for an overall more pleasant and consistent design. It also allows for better placement of things like verses and poems.

Given the nature of wallet cards and the fact they are most likely going to be stored among other wallet cards and credit/ debit cards they have to be durable, this is why we print our wallet cards on thick and durable 350gsm cardstock and laminate it both sides in gloss laminate which gives it a plastic finish. this provides an extra layer of protection against general wear and tear. Wallet cards tend to survive many years within a wallet without any serious degradation in the look and finish of them.

Wallet cards are often ordered in conjunction with our standard memorial cards or with bookmarks. A smaller quantity would be ideal for giving out to those who would likely keep them in their wallets such as relatives or close friends.

Given the size of our memorial wallet cards, the layout is pretty standard for all of our pre designed cards. The space for text is tight both on the front and the back, usually we wouldn’t recommend putting a larger verse and more then your average amount on writing on them as you run into the possibility of them being illegible and looking too busy.

The pricing for our memorial wallet cards and slightly less compared to our memorial cards and bookmarks, although not a significant saving sometimes these make more sense for those that need a higher quantity of cards.

Memorial Wallet Card Pricelist

Quantity Price
25 €59.00
50 €79.00
75 €102.00
100 €112.00
150 €130.00
200 €160.00
250 €190.00
300 €200.00
350 €230.00
400 €250.00
450 €280.00
500 €320.00

Design and wording for memorial Wallet Cards

Our standard wording for Memorial Wallet Cards headers is as below:

  1. In Loving Memory
  2. Cherished Memories
  3. In Memoriam

Card Front

Most of our cards go by the standard layout format that most cards go by. Some of our cards differ slightly in layout but they mostly follow the same information format. Our cards usually follow the format below.

  1. Photo of deceased 
  2. Main Header 
  3. Deceased Name
  4. Address (optional)
  5. Date of death &/or birth
  6. Short Verse 

Card Back

Usually on the reverse side of the card contains a long verse. Our long verses can be found by clicking here.

Usually the back is designed with the same background and colour theme as the front of the card. In some cases a card design may contain religious iconography too depending on the design.


Memorial Wallet Card, Supplied with Free Envelopes


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