Memorial Keyrings – Ordering, Pricing & Information

Memorial keyrings are a long time popular and favored keepsake. Memorial keyrings are quite practical as they are something you use on a daily basis in most cases. 

We have a selection of designed memorial keyrings in a range of themes to match some of our range of memorial cards. Each keyring is customisable with your own text, photos, dates etc all on the product page. 

Our Keyring Designs

How to Order

Ordering Keyrings on our website is simple and straight forward. We use a order form on each product page for you to input the information you want on each item. The steps to order are as follows:

  1. Choose what design you would like
  2. Select quantity and input the relevant information below. 
  3. From there you can proceed to checkout.
  4. When we receive your order through our system we will design your keyring and send you a proof for approval before printing. 

Keyring Prices

Our memorial keyrings are priced at €5 each. With every order of memorial cards we give 2 free matching keyrings.

Quality, Material & Size

Our keyrings are made out of hard wearing clear acrylic plastic sourced from a quality supplier. The ring is attached to the keyring with a clear faster to prevent common damage usually caused to standard keyrings. 

The keyring dimensions excluding ring are approximately : Length: 66mm, Width: 42mm x Depth: 6mm. The printable area is 50×35 mm. It is just enough to fit similar amount of information as on a wallet memorial card.  The standard design features a full image one side. The name and dates are included on the reverse and are perfectly legible on our designs despite of small available area.



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