Are Memorial Cards Expensive? Pricing Explained

Sometimes we get asked why memorial cards and memorial printing in general seems so expensive when you compare it to other printed items. Usually its easy to assume that the consumer is being ripped off, but its not all that simple. (To have a look at our competitive pricing for memorial products click here)

Memorial cards are naturally quite labour intensive to manufacture given the amount of steps involved in the process of creating them. Each of these steps require expensive equipment that require ongoing maintenance to keep them performing as required, they also require a person to be on hand to physically complete each task. Below is the breakdown of the each step required to get to the end product.

  1. Taking the order from the website
  2. Designing and sending proofs
  3. preparing the files for printing
  4. printing
  5. laminating
  6. cutting
  7. creasing or corner rounding if required
  8. packing the order
  9. dispatching the order with a courier

As you can see from above to complete the order properly its quite an involved process requiring both a range of people and machines. Below are also some other factors that influence pricing:

Memorial Cards are a personalised product

Each order of memorial cards are completely different, which means a designer has to design your final product for you. This process usually involved adding text such as verses, names etc. Adding photos or changing the design as required, all of which takes time to complete.

Memorial Cards have to be of impeccable quality

Memorial cards have to be printed to exacting standards, requiring investment in the latest machinery and also requiring extra time to be put into each step to guarantee that quality issues never arise. At the end of the day we are dealing with a tribute to a loved ones life, cutting corners or trying to make a saving at the expense of quality would be totally immoral on our part and is something which we would never intentionally do under any circumstance.

Memorial Cards require a multi step finishing process

After your order of memorial cards are imposed and printed, they require three further steps of finishing. The first of these processes is lamination which on this scale has to be carried out expensive roll laminators with specific films to ensure again that quality on point. Lamination also tends to be a process where mistakes can often occur so extra time has to be spent doing it. The next of these is cutting the cars from sra3 size layouts down to the individual cards which involves multiple cuts for each card. If you compare this to say cutting a poster or banner which only requires one cut. The next of this process is creasing, this is carried out on a particular machine that ensure the paper or the laminating film doesn’t crack and that the fold is neat and straight, each card has to be done individually again taking time.

Memorial Cards are printed in smaller quantities

Usually memorial cards are ordered in quantities of sub 300 (Usually as low as 25) which even with modern digital presses could still be considered low quantities by traditional printing standards.


As you see memorial printing, whether it be memorial cards, bookmarks, acknowledgement cards, wallet cards or keyrings, is an involved and extensive process requiring quite a few steps and quite a bit of equipment. All or our memorial products are designed, printed and finished here in Ireland too. If you have any questions we would be happy to help, simply click here to contact us.


Managing Director at Memorial Printworks Ltd
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