What to look for when choosing a Memorial Printer

The printing of memorial cards is usually a service that is offered by many printers all around Ireland. Given the broad range of choice it can be quite a difficult task to pick the printer that`s right for you. In this post I`ll give a few points of advice to help you with your choice on picking the right printer for your needs.

While looking you may notice that some print businesses are dedicated memorial printers and others offer memorial cards alongside traditional printed items like business cards, posters etc. Usually the majority of ordinary print shops will offer a memorial printing service to people within the locality and most likely also offer an online service as well. The chances are you will probably receive the same quality from both dedicated memorial printers and print shops who offer the service, the main difference will probably be when it comes to design and cost. Since a dedicated memorial printer (like ourselves) have an extensive range of pre designed card already available, we don`t charge extra for these designs as they have already been done whereas just a standard printer who don`t offer only memorial cards usually have an extra charge for design because they don`t have set out templates. Along with a potential extra design fee that may be charged by a standard print shop, chances are the cost per card for the consumer is probably higher as well as they would usually have the additional time for changing or setting up machines to take thicker paper stock etc. Though the above doesn’t apply to every printer, its something to consider when making your decision.

There`s also a few general quality points to look out for when choosing a printer, I`ll outline the main ones below:

Paper Stock

The standard for memorial cards, bookmarks & wallet cards is usually to be printed on either 300 or 350gsm card stock. This is paper is much thicker than your standard paper and is also much more opaque too ensuring a quality feel and finish. When shopping around make sure that they are at least printed on 300gsm card.


The standard for memorial cards, bookmarks & wallet cards would also be that they are laminated, make sure than the cards you get prices for are laminated, without lamination your cards durability is cut down dramatically. Just to note lamination is not usually done on acknowledgement cards unless requested.


Envelopes are usually included free of charge with orders of memorial cards, wallet cards & acknowledgement cards. Some also include them with orders of bookmarks too. When shopping around make sure than yours come with envelopes.

Find someone who listens

With so many printers around supplying memorial cards there`s no room for bad service. You as a customer has the right to a more than acceptable level of service and attention when it comes to ordering memorial cards. If you select a printer and they are not listening to your requirements or being lackluster on service, move on. The next company in line will be more than delighted to offer you the level of service you deserve.

If you are in the market for memorial cards, we supply a range of high quality memorial cards, bookmarks, acknowledgement cards, wallet cards & keyrings. All of our memorial products are quality guaranteed, with the service to match. If you need help of advice with the ordering process click here to contact us.




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