What information goes on a memorial card?

Sometimes deciding what verses and information to put on the memorial card of a loved one can be a fairly difficult. With a wide range of verses and options to choose from, we have compiled this short blog to try and aid you in your decision making regarding your memorial cards content. We will have a separate guide posted soon with tips on the design of your cards.

Picking Your Headings

On most memorial cards there is a heading that that`s on the front of each card and just before the name on page two. Our standard heading selections are “always in our hearts”, “always in our thoughts”, “forever in our hearts”, “forever remembered”, “In loving memory”, “In Remembrance”, “precious memories”, “Remembering”, “Rest in Peace” & “Sadly Missed”. With picking a heading there really is no definitive advice on what to pick as there is no real wrong or right heading and usually comes down to personal preference, I`d usually say go with whatever resonates with you the most. If none of the above options are what you want, we give you the option of picking your own for both the front page and page two.


The majority or people put just the first and last name on a memorial card, for example: Thomas Smith. If the person had a nickname that they went by sometimes that would also be included. Also common is for a woman’s maiden name to be included (example: Mary McMahon née Murphy).


Any dates usually go below the name. Our standard format is usually to include date of death in the form “who died on the 12th of March aged 75” just under the name. Also common is to include the date of birth, its really just personal preference. You are free to choose what format you would like on all of our memorial card range.


Its common to include an address. Sometimes its just the town and county for example: Naas, Co. Kildare. Some people also choose to put a full address on them. You can input your preferred format when providing your information.


On the majority of our cards there are three verses, one short verse below the info and photos on page two and a long verse on page 3 and 4.

Short Verse: Our short verse options contain both religious and spiritual quotes as well as non religious verses. The choice of this really just comes down to personal preference, I`d recommend going with one that sums up the personality of your loved one or going with a verse that describes how you and your family are feeling.  If you don`t want to use any of our verses you can also supply your own.

Long Verse: Our long verse options also include both religious and spiritual quotes as well as non religious verses. There is also a wider selection of long verses with a number of different sentiments and expressions behind them. Again picking on these verses are down to personal preference. The long verses give you more of an opportunity to lament the memory of your loved one. If you don`t want to use any of our verses you can also supply your own.

We hope you found this post helpful, if you want more advice on memorial cards or have a question please feel free to contact us.


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